This Reflexochiro theory of Amrikology is entirely based on god’s created inbuilt homeostasis, metabolism and healing procedures. All the body parts, glands or organs are interlinked with each other, such as the brain governs pituitary gland, hypothalamus and pineal body to organize, regulate and control the body systems (glands/organs) through the spine (ANS). So, all the glands firstly and organs first needed to be diagnosed and then treated as a whole.

The functioning and malfunctioning of the glands/organs can be checked-up directly only by Dr Amrik’s own world’s first technique, namely INSTANT DIAGNOSIS. Which serves as a fool-proof/accurate base of the RDFC treatment, for all the common and fatal diseases provided by thumb pressure, on the self discovered pin-point exact locations of the inbuilt reflex-points (more than 240), in the hands and feet + CHIROPRACTIC SPINAL TREATMENT is also provided daily. This spinal treatment is essential to wave off the incurable diseases. These diseases are caused due to the malfunctioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (ANS). As a result of improper inflow of the life driving force (bioelectricity) which does not pass properly through the spine, and as a result the glands or organs start overworking/under working (malfunctioning).  To overcome this whole problem Chiropractic i.e. Spinal treatment is done by manipulating the spinal discs vertebrae for proper flow through sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (ANS) itself.  

On the whole patient is diagnosed and then treated by giving treatment with both the theories i.e. Reflexology and Chiropractic (Reflexochiro treatment) and hence cured, without drugs. As a result the immunity is regained by normalizing the whole body systems (glands/organs), then the drugs, which were being taken by the sufferers, are tapered – off (when they feel cured) to enjoy the normal life. Although otherwise lifelong medicines are taken by the sufferers and their diseases are so-called incurable by all the medical theories.

RDFC treatment is also provided for emergency cases such as, asthma, low/high B.P, pain in any gland/organ, appendicitis, giddiness, disorientation, seminal vesicle pain, menstruation pain and migraine headache etc. In addition to this, even the surgery can be averted up to the certain stage of cyst/tumors in breasts, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, brain, prostate, and testis or in the body/any other gland/organ. The tumors are dissolved by the normalized systems including the auto-intoxication itself, through the kidneys in the shape of foul smell in the urine The recovery in may be slow or fast as per stage/longetivity of the disease and age of the patient. After the immunity and good health is regained, the proper diet and exercise is advised to keep fit, without drugs.

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