When any muscle/tendon is twisted i.e., pulled or pushed awkwardly by wrong posture or accidentally, this muscle/tendon goes into neuromuscular spasm. The supply of bio-electricity in the nerve (of that particular muscle/tendon) gets interrupted. The nerves in our body are different than the electrical wires which are solid and the flow of electricity current cannot be interrupted by pressing or bending the wire due to its solidness, while the nerves if pressed or bent awkwardly, the electrolytes for the current/bio-electricity are disconnected as the nerves are pipe type hollow. So, when its current cannot reach up to the tail of that particular muscle/tendon, it creates lack of current in that muscle/tendon and the carbonic acid, a waste/by-product of circulated blood, starts retaining. This retained carbonic acid in that muscle/tendon area causes the intolerable chronic ache and burning pain up to the tail of that particular muscle/tendon.

This is the point from where Dr. Amrik Singh Mohali’s research has parted ways from all other types of research done till now on this subject of chronic aches and burning pain. His research turns around this neuro-muscular spasm as a key-role remedial source for the removal of pain. For further references in this book I have named this location as Reflex Trigger Point (RTP) and I use this RTP for the removal of current flow interruption. The immediate proper flow of current cuts the retained carbonic acid, just like an electric welding carbonic acid, just like an electric welding cutting system, to throw it out of the body through the veins, kidney and urine as usual natural process.

When the retained carbonic acid is cleared off from the affected muscle, the patient feels relieved from the chronic ache/burning pain at once. As the current reaches up to the tail of affected muscle in a moment, rather eye-blinking time only, the pain is also eliminated in same time period. The patient is astonished and feels hard to believe the pain removal because it happens so suddenly that it gives a magical effect. However, it is not any magic, but the anatomical theory “a God gifted natural body system”, on which my manual techniques are based. As the pain is relieved in eye blinking time i.e. INSTANT PAIN RELIEF.

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