Stop The Pain book is authored by Dr. Amrik Singh Mohali. He is an international Gold Medalist and also a recipient of many other awards. While he was in United States, he was honored with Ph.D for his research in Reflexology & Chiropractic.  Stop The Pain is a revolutionary drug free cure which is a part of Dr. Amrik’s invention of the complete therapy ‘Amrikology’ 5 ways beneficial. This also includes Instant Diagnosis, Drug Free Cure, Preventive Remedy and No Side Effect. World’s first invention of the key-remedial theory based on anatomical science.

This book has manual techniques to combat the agonies of chronic aches and burning pain. Pain has become immortal part of human race. Though science has brought in a number of therapies/methods to Stop The Pain, still the patients around the world are crying for relief. Because all the doctors around the world are not using such a method/medicine which can cure this type of pain in a dead sure manner, where as Stop The Pain author has already done it and put it in this book. The theory and manual techniques of this book “Amrikology’s Stop The Pain” are absolutely different than acupressure, acupuncture, physio and medicinal therapies. This treatment ‘instant pain relief & cure’ does not require any oral/local application or traction/neck-collar etc.    

It is Dr. Amrik Singh Mohali’s earnest desire to relieve people from the agony of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. “He has a unique ability to diagnose a disease in any of the vital systems of the body. The treatment brings change in a very short span of time.” Said Mr. Samar Vijay Singh (Former Addl. Director General of Police, Chandigarh). We are sure that this book will be a boon for all those patients suffering from chronic aches and burning pain.

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