By God’s grace :- A cerebral OPEN CHALLENGE to the world /  Reader’s awareness

As an inventor of this ultimate theory & matchlessly skilled of this kind. I am very much confident that no body can top me in this regard. So, here I am ready for any contest / live debate or demonstration as a proof for your awareness & satisfaction. With due respect I would like to introduce myself as an inventor of (Reflexochiro) a manual therapy, it is 5 ways beneficially complete. This Reflexochiro theory is named / registered as the Reflexochiro Drug Free Cure (RDFC). Now you will observe a mind expanding pleasure to know that I have authored a book ‘STOP THE PAIN’. This is just an anatomical proof out of my unique research for the millions of agonized and disappointed patients who are suffering from neuro-muscular spasm “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome”(RSDS).The scientific theory of my book is to stop the pain instantly, this is the world’s first & the only one key-role remedial discovery.

Brief History of Reflexochiro

Reflexochiro is a combination of Reflexology & Chiropractic.

My theory is not to suppress the symptoms of diseases/ pain and aches by pain killers, antibiotics, steroids or surgery etc. The actual causes of the so-called ‘incurable pain’, ‘aches’ and ‘chronic/fatal diseases’ are diagnosed and then removed, by normalizing the whole body systems and spinal sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This,not only includes endocrine or other glands/organs and Autonomic Nervous System but also the body organizers, regulators & controllers (Pituitary gland, Pineal body, Hypothalamus). As a result the body produces its own hormones and enzymes so as to cure itself, without oral medicines.The body’s own immunity is regained and the previously regular drugs being taken are tapered-off to enjoy the normal life (recovery slow or fast : as per stage of the disease and the age of the patient) . Human beings should be thankful to the Almighty God, who has installed the glands/organs of all systems of the body which can function normally with a balanced diet & proper exercise only and do not require any drug/medicine (oral or otherwise) to cure/stay fit.

Challenging Discovery of an Anatomical “ INSTANT DIAGNOSIS”:

Reflexologically all endocrine & other glands/organs are checked directly, this is a foolproof early detection even before their symptoms. Really; A beyond belief whole health checkup. Because, as a normal practice (World wide) when a patient goes to a doctor, the patient has to explain about his / her problems/symptoms. But, when I diagnose, only by pressing the reflex points on the own discovered exact locations in their hands and feet (without using stethoscope, without reading the pulse even without clinical test), I describe their symptoms of all the systems for their satisfaction and awareness of the patients, for their further treatment to cure. As a record, since 1990 the duly signed records of the diagnosed/cured patients are preserved, for which the detailed list of diagnosable/curable diseases (symptoms) are as per attached Anatomical list of Diagnosis Card. As the whole body system’s early detection saves life, this is the World’s first and the only diagnosis of its own kind, possible even in the space.

Matchless Efficiency of Drug-free Cure:

Besides the cure of unpredictable chronic aches and burning pain head to toe by manual treatment (methods: as per the book STOP THE PAIN).This drug-free cure is also provided for the so-called incurable diseases as Cardiomyopathy,Hypertension, Hepatitis B, Nephroblastoma, Cancer or brain tumour etc. (up to certain stage & age).This drugs-free manual treatment is provided even in emergency cases ie: during the attacks of Heart, Asthma, Low/High B.P., pain in any gland/organ, Appendicitis, Giddiness, Disorientation, Seminal Vesicle/Testis pain, Menstruation pain and Migraine headache etc. For more details, kindly observe the website :

Brief Awareness of the book ‘STOP THE PAIN’

Instant pain relief & cure is a manually press & push theory. This is an absolutely drug-free cure and is different from all other prevalent methods and therapies. My research explains the exact spots “discovered & named by me” as Reflex Trigger Points (RTPs), to be pressed and pushed are far away from the locations of burning pain & aches. This concept of RTPs answers all the queries that arise like: Why to press? Where to press? How to press etc? More over on the contrary the symptoms are called/mistaken as migraine headache, spondylitis, frozen shoulder / neck, back ache, tennis elbow, chest pai , joint / arthritis, spinal disc/vertebral displacement or knee bone problems etc. (Head to toe 41 locations and otherwise their symptoms at 91 to 101 yellow pages these are otherwise so-called incurable) Millions of disappointed agonies suffering from this neuromuscular spasm will be grateful, those who are causing huge losses to the health insurance companies.

Matchless Guidance Book to eradicate the burning pain:

A cerebral open challenge to the world’s all prevalent therapies. Regarding their methods and theory of diagnosis and approach to cure the so-called incurable chronic diseases, burning pain & ache “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome” (RSDS).Here I am ready for any contest/live debate with anatomically qualified doctors or live demonstration for your awareness and satisfaction.As the patients come groaning with unpredictable pain & go back with a smile. Because seeing the demonstration is believing, otherwise it is really beyond belief. That’s why I have conferred my papers for the awareness of my discovery, also demonstrated in the workshop sessions of the international conferences & seminars at the physiotherapy colleges.There, manually, I relieved instantly the chronic aches & burning pain of their OPD patients as well as their students, staff and Collogues also, just in the presence of the principal (a Phd. doctor retired from the orthopedic department of PGI Chandigarh). (1st) at the institute of Physiotherapy & rehabilitation Jallandhar (Punjab). (2nd) at the Gaur Brahman Physiotherapy College & rehabilitation Rohtak (Haryana). (3rd) at Press Club of Chandigarh in the presence of the press club president, the president of the press reporter’s union of Chandigarh & the press reporters of about ten leading news papers of North India. Moreover have proved my skills & theory of “STOP THE PAIN” in the presence of the world renowned persons throughout India and abroad. There I got many appreciation letters from them. My book “STOP THE PAIN” is released at Press Club Chandigarh (India). I have the whole visual recorded Videos, VCDs, DVDs & Audios of the Radio Stations & have photographs etc. Every one is invited to visit my website

PREVENTIVE REMEDY : The theory of AMRIKOLOGY is the World’s first and only :

Which can prevant all the fatal/chronic diseases, even Cardiac Ailments, formation of cataract, stones, Tumours & Blood Cancer or AIDS etc, without drugs, actually, I can say “THE PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.


The theory of reflexochiro is just to curtail all the diseases through the body’s own inbuilt systems. As the tumors in the breast/ prostate and brain are also dissolved by normalizing the Autointoxication system. My next book: “REVOLUTIONARY DRUG-FREE CURE OF FATAL DISEASES” is on the anvil. This theory is an anatomically proved remedial theory, to ensure the superb functioning of  body’s own natural healing procedure, that is Absolutely “Drug- free cure” hence, no side effect.

Motto & Dreams of the Author including Brief History

To cure is my worship, and before my departure from life (1936 born) I wish to disseminate my knowledge and skills to serve my own country ‘INDIA’ through the Training Institutes based on my authored book, ‘STOP THE PAIN’, which would develop therapists in every nook and corner of the world, to serve the humanity through this book. This, The world’s first and only key role remedial theory was discovering during my professional daily practical experience, as a skilled Doctor (inventor of Amrikology). I have been rendering service since 1968 in many parts of India, Nepal, Singapore, Afganistan, Iran, Saudi Arab, Abudhabi, Iraq, Kuwait and Oman (Muscat). I earned great appreciation from many NRIs, Americans and Canadians during my 165 days tour of America, England and Canada twice. There, I also dissipated awareness about the intricacies regarding instant pain relief and cure in 30 minutes radio interview. All this anatomical knowledge I have gained through my own study & research:- “The body how it works”.

The scientific anatomical based key role remedial theory

This book is the world ‘s first and the only research, that how the chronic ache/burning pain occurs & cured manually. This book ‘STOP THE PAIN’ is able to guide through the institutions of the Physiotherapists, Acupressurists, Chiropractors along-with all other laymen of the world. This book is authored in three languages:- English, Russian & Englsih+Hindi (Combined). I would like to express my profound gratitude for sparing precious time out of your busy schedule to read the enclosed informative material.

Kind Regards:-
(Dr. Amrik Singh Mohali)